Real Estate is Our Calling

If I was to narrate our life like a modern movie script, it would begin like this:

"In the best Southwestern town in the United States, a sliver of sunlight creeps upwards over the jagged tips of the Catalina Mountains. Sunlight floods into the valley of Tucson, AZ, a cascade of light that suddenly begins to breathe life into our town. In three separate houses in Northern Tucson, three sets of eyelids begin to flutter and then shoot open simultaneously. They awake from the same dream. A dream of a eutopia in which everyone has a home of their own. As these three people begin to rise from their dream state, they begin to hear the call of the houses. It is an ancient calling that only the established Real Estate Professional can hear. A yearning of a property's vacant state.  Only when the right Family closes on their new home can that vacancy be filled, and can the void be filled with love, laughter, growth, and countless memories. Today, these three will rise to that challenge and take another step to make their dream into a reality. They will work with tireless integrity, always keeping their Client's needs in mind, always searching for a way to better improve their Client's position, and ultimately, fill the void of emptiness in those properties. The names of these three people are myself, Maximo, my father, Max, and my brother, Ben. We are the Gomez Realty Group, and we hear the call...”


We are Consultants

We are Educators.

We are Problem-Solvers. 

We have decades of experience in Real Estate and Housing, and it's not just because one of us has grey hair.


Your Reason for Housing

Since the beginning of time, humans have sought out shelter within their habitats, always seeking to improve that shelter until it became a den, and then a domicile. Now, the domicile has evolved into a residence - a home - and for many of us, our sanctuary. We understand that some hear/feel that calling for home ownership stronger than others. I first heard that calling when I was 5 years old, looking outside through the cracks between the 2x4’s covering our windows, as Hurricane Andrew roared angrily, unable to touch us inside our house. I felt that calling as our family came together in our living room, and the home shook around us, creaking and shuddering, but never yielding to the storm.

         We understand that everyone has their own reasons to Purchase or Sell their property.

Maybe it’s for financial stability or investment reasons. Perhaps your family is growing, and you need more space. Or it’s the opposite, and your children have since moved out, and you’d like to down-size into something that’s easier to maintain. Maybe you just can’t stand renting.

Whatever your reason is, we want to help you realize that goal.




Maximo Gomez

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